Help us


You may have some spare time and skills that could be used within our organisation for the benefit of the community so why not consider volunteering with us?

Foodbank:  There are opportunities to volunteer in various ways at the Foodbank.  This could be in the warehouse organising stock and making up food parcels; collecting food donations from supermarket permanent collection points; delivering food parcels to people that are unable to collect or manning our collection point at our twice yearly food drives in Tesco and Asda

Community Money Advice:  If you have the skills and the time you might be able to help when clients need help with filling in forms for benefits etc

Youth Shed:  If you enjoy working with young people, have experience, skills and patience you may be able to assist the youth workers in the Shed in a variety of ways - just ask!

Trustees:  If you have a passion for the community you could be involved in the overall governance of the organisation 

Abergele Community Shop: You can help in the shop by processing deliveries, organising stock, helping shoppers or by serving teas, coffees and cake

Feel free to Contact us if you are interested in volunteering in any of these ways


Donations of food are always welcome.  You can donate at our permanent collection points in Tesco and Asda or drop off at the Old Booking Office at the station during opening hours.  Donations of food will be used by the Foodbank for emergency food parcels only and will not be available in the shop.

Financial donations are always welcome because they enable us to pay some of our day to day running costs including rent, overheads, printing and telephone.  In addition we often need to buy food in order to stock up on items that we are short of in the Foodbank.  Financial donations will not be used to buy stock for the Shop.

Just click the donate button to make an immediate donation or download this form, print it and return it to us if you are a tax payer so that we can claim an extra 25% off the Government.

Giving Form.pdf